Corporate Catering

"They catered lunch at the salon I work at and it was the best food! I am obsessed with this company!"
- Nicole D.

Corporate catering for any event

Looking to impress some new clients?  Having a business lunch meeting?  Planning an open house or party?  Whatever the reason may be, let us cater your next corporate event.  With a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options on our menu, we can help you find the perfect option to serve at your next function.

Online Ordering

Make the entire process of catering your next function even more simple with online ordering.  It's as easy as selecting the food you want from the menu and adding it to your cart.  Since there is a minimum of 10 servings required, 10 servings of your selection will be added to the cart.  We also require 24-48 hours notice to fulfill your order.  

Online Ordering Menu


  • Breakfast

  • Homemade soup & Bread

  • Lunch / Dinner

Breakfast Buffets

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